General Consultation
General consultation for all age group with almost all kind of health issues. Personalized and even customized to your loved ones needs.
Nursing care at home
A range of nursing care services from simple sample collection to feeding tubes or catheter insertions. An experienced team work will be provided.
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation at home
From physical therapy to a wide range of Rehabilitation techniques, a very experienced and dedicated physiotherapist is at your services at home, just a phone call away.
New, portable, and handy ECG machine allows us to diagnose your rhythm and if print out your home taken ECG with great accuracy. First in the Maldives.
Sugar levels Check (Glucometer)
We can check the current blood sugar levels with an accurate and reliable glucometer.
We are able to nebulae all age group, infants, children, adults and elderly at home with our portable nebulizer.
Laboratory Sample Collection
We are able to collect samples for laboratory testing from your home, just give us a call.
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